Mighty is she who tweets

Signe Boe

28 - 30 June 2020






After months of unification and state-prescribed community singing, is Arcway Nightlands Connector Jennifiee-See Alternate exited to show the exhibition Mighty is she who tweets: An exhibition about power, bird language and the possibilities of action within a community.
In the exhibition artist Signe Boe will show the piece Worthy Words For Walky Talks from 2018: A videoinstallation that spreads over 8 smartphones. On each phone a talking bird occur and collectilvely sing a canon about the need to break out of a community where social social etiquette and unified language limit the expression of each bird.
Gradually a temporal displacement arise. Subsequently, a pause, where the birds begin to send each other messages with pictured, that is connecting power with birds; a text is shared and re-written, until it looses its original meaning; nonsense-hashtags creates consensus, illustrative emojis replace words that would otherwise not have been written.



Works by Signe Boe (b. 1988, Djursland) are appreciated for their acumen, absurdity and underlying humour. They are often presented in the media of extended cinema, and in her sculptural exhibitions she combine past and tradition-heavy techniques such as gravure-printing with present technologies, frequently intertwined by an experimental textual layer. Her works allow the rational and concrete to encounter the absurd and poetic.

Signe Boe graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2017 and is represented by the gallery C.C.C. Worthy Words fro Walky Talks has previously been shown at Kunsthal 44Møen and Kunsthal Aarhus. The exhibition at Arcway Nightlands Connector Jennifiee-See Alternate is carried out with support from Københavns Kommunes Råd For Visuel Kunst.



All photos by Brian Kure