Mayfly Keeper

Bertil Osorio Heltoft, Katrine Bobek

08 - 15 July 2020


With an interest in painted matter, shift in narrations and meanderings in and on middle range industrial lawns and bushes, Osorio carefully let matter into the frame of the deschi al parte, a 16th century Italian maternity gift for the middle class mother who was forced to stay in bed for at least two weeks after childbirth out of health reasons. The small tableaus functions for Osorio as a sift of things that reason might not let into the daily scrutiny of functional matter, and works as chosen and fixated sections of ground negotiated through the haptics of the possible onlooker.
B. 1990, Funen Art Academy and Stäedelschule, 2013-2018.
Bobek gradually expands forms and bodies out of an idea of the animated as an internal endeavor. Layers of paint move before the eyes as slowly as they are painted, searching the point where material and color at hand mix and solidifies, not taking for granted the inherent component, physicality and bodily agency.
Impressions of the figure stop and wrench in a moment before the realization of the entities interacted with, and leaves a different setting and ambience.
B. 1990, currently awaiting the degree show at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, klasse Julian Göthe