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This house is breathing

Martin Aagaard Hansen & Esben Gyldenløve

07 - 25 May 2021

Installation view

Martin Aagaard Hansen ‘Ex-voto salvia’ Oil on panel, 2021

Esben Gyldenløve “Why dont you smile more?”, Aluminum. 2021installation view

This house is breathing, installation viewInstallation viewEsben Gyldenløve “I think my moon-friend is drifting away”, Oak, copper and steel, 2021

Martin Aagaard Hansen ‘Ghost bound to a rock’ 2021, Oil on panel

Esben Gyldenløve, “Suis-je la fleur de lune Ou bien l’eau qui dort?” Aluminium, 2021

Esben Gyldenløve “Insufficient funds (water and tooth) “ Blue soapstone, silver and bronze, 2021

Installation viewInstallation view

Martin Aagaard Hansen ‘like a feverish feather’ Oil on panel, 2021

Esben Gyldenløve “Amuletter til hendes hænder” Pink soapstone, 2021

Martin Aagaard Hansen ‘Gatto urlante’,Oil on panel, 2021

Esben Gyldenløve ‘’Krusning’’ Bronze , 2021

Installation view

This House is breathing