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Olivia Rode Hvass

06 - 22 August 2021



6 – 22 August 2021

BURN THE WORLD is a tribute to the uprising of the weavers in Lyon in the late 19th century, who threw their wooden shoes into the industrial looms to disrupt production and sabotage the machines that took their jobs and livelihood.

Sabot (sabo’), in French, means wooden shoe and the action of the weavers throwing their shoes into the looms, is said to be the foundation of the term Sabotage as we know and use it today.

This has been the foundation of the sabotage series shown in Arcway this August, a series of tapestries picturing cartoony-heroines fighting back the systems who left them hungry on the street.

Olivia Rode Hvass is based in Aarhus / Copenhagen.
She holds a BFA from Jutland Art Academy, Denmark.


All drawings on this site by the artist
All photgraphs on this site by Mikkel Kaldal.

Olivia Rode Hvass is working in a sculptural cross field between textile and drawing. Lately she has expanded her métier to tapestries in which she combine her interest for cartoony and sketchy drawing with handicraft in digital weaving. Her line of work unfolds from an interest in identity building in relation to idols, emotions and expressions we are brought up with and raised by, and the industry and history behind the textiles intertwined in this. Works by Rode Hvass commits themselves with a subtle underlying humour.

Rode Hvass holds a BFA from Det Jyske Kunstakademi and is based in Copenhagen/Aarhus, Denmark. @luxusmusklen

Special thanks to Corrie Van Eijk, Kristina D. Aas and Kari Merete Paulsen from KMDB, and Claus Hvass, Mads Helles, Ulva Fang, Olka Liva Bruun and Kristian Krabbe

The exhibition is curated by Lisen Larsen